westculture. After School Special


westculture. After School Special

Remember back in high school, when you’d skim a little off your lunch money for a bit of flower that wouldn’t break the bank?

Y’know, those small nugs.
A bit of shake.
In a ziploc bag.
Without a name.
Sometimes you didn’t even know if it was the same strain.
Great times, right?

Well, this is what that is. We’re happy to introduce our new After School Special.




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4 reviews for westculture. After School Special

  1. jeepsterjoe (verified owner)

    Great flavour!
    All little buds and perfect for the bong

  2. Nicola2482 (verified owner)

    great price for an ounce, loved it at first, got little tired of it near end of bag but good value

  3. Chelseagushulak43 (verified owner)

    Good value!

  4. Nicole Tait (verified owner)

    Was actually better than what I was expecting. I imagine there is varience but, what I recieved were little of bright green sparkling nuggets about the size of a large pea. I would rate it a strong 7.5 out of 10 for potency and I smoke a lot of good bud. The taste was not my favorite on it’s own, but I used it to make my primo buds last longer. It blended right in. Also good for a lighter smoke at the end of the day. Would buy it again.

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