Moon Rock Pre-Rolls Blunt (1.2g)

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Our Moonrock Prerolls consist of Nuken flower, C02 honey oil, and high grade kief. Packaged in a glass tube with cork these pre rolls will not disappoint! Testing around 55-60% THC, weighted at 1.2 grams.

We are delighted to offer our line of high quality, consistent products across the country. Our deliciously flavored moonrocks and prerolls produce otherworldly euphoria. We develope concentrate covered marijuana buds for folks feeling a little, or a lot out of orbit. Clients that prefer a concoction of keef, concentrates, and flowers to calm their ailments will appreciate the dank euphoria and delicious flavors that we offer.

Ingredients: Cannabis Flower, CO2 Honey Oil, Kief, Natural Flavouring

Volume: 1.2g


Grape, Peaches & Cream, Watermelon, Green Apple, Original OG, Blueberry, Strawberry, Caramel, Banana Split, Pina Colada Sativa, Vanilla Ice Cream, Grapefruit