Milky Way Space Juice THC Syrup

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Here are some ways you can use Milky Way Extract’s Space Juice:

    • Make Cannalean by mixing with 7-Up/Sprite and ice in a cup
    • Mix with other liquids such as sodas, juice, milk or water for a delicious and fruity THC infused beverage
    • Pour over pastries, ice cream, cereal and other food items
    • Use it as a sweetener when making deserts such as baked goods, jello or frosting
    • Sip it slowly for a nice, steady buzz

Space Juice from Milky Way Extracts is one of their latest cannabis extract creations. This is liquid THC syrup in a bottle that packs a whopping 1000mg of THC. Each bottle contains 3 ozs or 90ml of THC syrup. This highly concentrated cannabis liquid is strong and a little goes a long way.

Each bottle contains:
– 3oz or 90mls of THC Syrup
– 1000mg of THC

Ingredients: Water, sugar, cannabis oil, natural flavouring (All flavours are made using real fruit juice)

Instructions: Shake well before use. Start with a smaller dosage and work your way up as every individual will react differently. Consume on its own or add to another beverage.

Storage: For optimal shelf life store the syrups in a fridge. The syrup will get thicker when it is cold. If left at room temperature it will have a runnier consistency.

Warning: Keep away from children and pets as this product contains psychoactive ingredients.



Peach, Grape, Fruit Punch, Watermelon


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