feelcbd Full Spectrum CBD Cartridges

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Full Spectrum CBD cartridges have gone an additional distillation process which purges any remaining THC. This makes for great products you can use at any time of the day without any psychoactive effects.


  • 0.5ml
  • 250mg Full Spectrum CBD

Directions For Use:

The CBD Refill Cartridge requires a 510-threading battery to be used Although compatible with any 510-threading device, please ensure device is calibrated to its lowest temperature feature. Attach cartridge to charged battery, then slowly draw for 2 full seconds and exhale.


Calm Cartridge (250mg CBD), Sleep Cartridge (250mg CBD), Love Cartridge (250mg CBD), Natural Cartridge (250mg CBD), Balance Cartridge (250mg CBD), Revive Cartridge (250mg CBD)


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